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Bearish unifies your teams and your work connecting all the apps you love for seamless work and replacing the ones you don't need. End the chaos of app jumping, Start Free now

Streamline Workflows

Replace 100s of apps

Secure & Safe

Accomplish Everything in Bearish

Email, Call, Text, Write, Publish, Push, Connect & so much more, all without every leaving our intelligent operating system.

Zero Software to Download

Streamline every app and every task

Track every customer & team touch point

Replace single feature apps

Collaborate like never before

Surface U

Focused Goals, Transparent Work, Streamlined Processes

Get Started in three Steps


Create & Connect

Create an account, no credit card required.  Intelligently Connect all your apps with a few simple clicks.


Replace & Save

Replace a minimum of $1000/a year per person worth of apps, and start streamlining your work.


Get to work

Bearish will slowly learn how you work best, and start to use it's ML & AI to help get more of your work done in less time.

Get Bearish OS Now

Supercharge your workflow today & Save $1000's in software costs with our amazing replacements and features.

Intelligent Connections

End the chaotic work day and stop jumping from app to app. Intelligent connections mean all your apps work together streamlining work and teams. 

Plan, Revise & Execute

Not a hub, but a system. Accomplish all your goals, tasks, projects, and sales from within Bearish.

"Bearish saves me 2+ hours a day. I love everything in one place."

Ronald G.   |  Head of Product Dev.

Meet & Message

The Bearish difference can save $3000+/per user/per year. Learn more and get a demo now.

Transcribe & Translate

Sentiment Analysis

Unmatched Metrics & KPIs


ML & AI, fairly priced, socially responsible, focused on improving  

mental health.

ML & AI to power everyones day